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18th August 5pm Champganac La Riviere Church 

A delightful oboe and percussion duo performance with renowned musicians Alison Teale and Richard Benjafield.

Music to enjoy, reflect, and dance to. 

An hour of music by Paganini,  Michael Nyman, Alyssa Morris,  and Dobrinka Tabakova.

Night Sky with Stars
Dufay - Rite Maiorem Iacobum CanamusOboe Band
00:00 / 04:50

The Night Sky

20th August 8pm, Champagnac-la-Riviere Church

This Oboe Band Concert will showcase the talents of our students and faculty in a stunning concert that explores connections between music and astronomy. The programme will feature an incredible tribute to the constellations and planets, paying homage to ancient mythology and the stars above us.

After the concert join us outside to marvel at the clear sky in Champagnac and toast our students with a glass of something fizzy.

Music by Mozart, Holst, Nyman, Sun Ra, Zimmer, Cole Porter, Britten and more

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