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Accommodation options

The course will be centered around Champagnac-la-Riviere and neighbouring hamlet Le Rocher. Public transport is scarce, so if you come without a car we will provide transport from your accomodation to the course centres, if you stay in Champagnac, Le Rocher, or Champsac or Chalus. It is a 30 minute walk from Champsac, if you prefer to take in the fresh air.

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Accomodation in Le Rocher

Situated in Le Rocher there are two beautiful Airbnb's hosted by Linda. In addition 3 rooms are available with shared bathroom, hosted by Sylvia and Tony, who will ensure you are well cared for.

It is in Le Rocher that group evening meals, and the final evening soiree will take place. Click on photos for more information.

Accomodation in Champaganc

The venue for rehearsals and many classes will be in Champagnac-la-Riviere. There is a range of available accomodation from camping, hotel and Airbnb. Within Champagnac there is a bakery, Dino's cafe and restaurant, and the campsite offers meals. Tuesday morning is market day in Champagnac, usually this consists of about 6 stalls selling fine local produce.

Accomodation in Champsac

Two hotels are available in Champsac 

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